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Our First Lady

Lady Thersa A. Hundley


Lady Thersa Ann Hundley was born in Madison Tennessee on June 21, and is a native of Jackson Mississippi where she resided until 1987, when she married her childhood sweetheart and relocated to California.


A native of Jackson Mississippi, Lady Thersa Hundley is the daughter of the Mr. William & Leola Bell. In 1987, Thersa A. Bell became the helpmeet to Pastor Terrence L. Hundley, the visionary of the City of Miracles Church, as she graciously accepted the roles of first lady and mother to three two sons, Terrell, Tyler and only daughter Tyren.


Lady Thersa Ann Hundley who exemplifies fortitude and determination among the people of God. She has an silence surrounding the women of God, to courageously proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. With an aura of godliness and a life inspiring the word of God. She is a light set upon a hill to revitalize the mindsets of those who aim to diminish the impact and life-changing realities that God has ordained for His chosen people.


Lady Hundley accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior of her life at an early age and has served faithfully since that time in various positions of increasing responsibility within the church.  Serving under the direction of the late Bishop William Clinton Hundley at Bethel Miracle Community Church of God in Christ for 15 years, she operated in the Ministry of Helps, including Pastoral Aide, Financial and Administrative endeavors. Consummately devoted to Pastor Hundley and to the vision that God has ordained for City of Miracles, she serves as chief supporter to the ministry by diverse means. She is a member of the Ministerial Staff and of The City of Miracles Church. She continues to explore new horizons which she believes will ultimately draw masses of people to accept the call that God has upon their lives.




First Lady Hundley is a loving, committed, and highly favored woman of God whose daily life exemplifies the Word of God in all endeavors. She is a virtuous woman, who loves God and His people, and she is faithful beyond measure. And with the encouragement she like to shares with others is, “Be humble, be faithful, be prayerful, and you will be blessed.”

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